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We help business leaders become business owners who seize the opportunity to be in control of their careers and their futures.

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After being successful in corporate America, but feeling unhappy and frustrated, Kevin Ramsier of Sier Capital developed the Execuneur program based on lessons learned and methods honed in the trenches of acquiring and operating lower middle-market companies for over two decades.

What is Execuneur?

  • The ultimate guide to transform frustrated business managers into vibrant business owners
  • 8-Module program for Management Executives
  • One-on-one support and training from an entrepreneurship expert
  • Access to the Execuneur community network

What Will You Learn?

  • Low Risk Entrepreneurship Strategy: discover how to enter the world of entrepreneurship without risking your entire life savings to get started.
  • The Four-Bucket Formula: uncover the formula we use to build incredible wealth from multiple sources.
  • Inside Secrets: Kevin shares what he has learned on the journey to owning multiple multi-million-dollar businesses, along with how to gain more happiness and freedom in your life.
  • New Entrepreneurship Methods: learn the tools we use to own cash-flowing businesses, and discover the seismic shift happening right now that will leave most people behind.

In order to take control of your career, you need:


We are very selective, and are searching for partners to run portfolio companies that we help them identify and acquire.


We take great pride in helping you every step of the way to gaining more freedom and happiness.


Using our unique approach, we will work with you to deploy the system that we use in our own business model.

"Most management executives do not believe they are in a position to acquire, own, and operate their own business. The Execuneur program guides experienced leaders into becoming empowered owners by giving them a specific strategy to build a lasting legacy of ownership and wealth."

Kevin Ramsier

Go from Unhappy & Constrained to Fulfilled & Free


Start with our free webinar to learn more about the program and Kevin’s approach on how to become leaders and owners of multi-million-dollar private businesses.


Next, schedule a phone interview and share your desire to move forward with the program. You’ll discuss how you can go from unhappy and constrained to fulfilled and free.

Get Started


Once enrolled, you can begin the guided program and learn how to finally seize the opportunity to become an empowered owner with a vision to create a lasting legacy.

"This system allowed us to identify an incredible business to acquire in an industry that I knew was poised for success. From finding the right business to raising the capital, to getting the deal across the finish line, I would highly recommend the Execuneur program. We are now working on our third acquisition, and we’re building something very special. Execuneur has been a true partner in my business."

Eric Frasier

"Kevin Ramsier is the quintessential entrepreneur, and approaches investing and business-building through this lens. He's not a typical investor but is a partner and teammate to myself and our entire management team. We wouldn't have been able to diligence, acquire, and transition our business without Kevin's expertise and breadth of resources - lawyers, accountants, marketing experts, etc. - available to us from the very beginning. Kevin's insights, as a successful business founder and entrepreneur, are invaluable as we work to grow and scale our business."

Kevin Coppersmith

"Kevin believed in me, and empowered me to execute transactions under his mentorship. Together, we've acquired multiple companies, and are just getting started. We've created many new jobs, and we're well on our way to creating financial and personal freedom for many of our operating partners. As a former operator, Kevin obsessively defends executive's independence and knows how to let great people do great work. I'm incredibly proud to have Kevin as my partner."

Adam Altus

"Kevin, and his team, supported our management group in the acquisition of our company. They supported us through the entire process, and they continue to support us through our next growth phase."

Dave Allen

"I worked with Kevin on multiple acquisitions that have helped the growth and expansion of our business into a multi-state enterprise. I worked closely with him to identify target acquisitions, raise the necessary capital and get our early deals across the finish line."

Bill Graham

"Kevin has a history of backing entrepreneurs that have strong leadership skills, and proven results in prior careers. His support helped me step into an ownership role, and he continues to support our growth as we expand throughout the country."

Jeff Crabtree

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Learn more about the program and schedule a personal consulting call to learn how to become an empowered owner of successful businesses with a lasting legacy of wealth.


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